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Wellness for body, spirit and soul

Unwind yourself and take your time to relax

Relax and recover yourself in our cosy color therapy sauna with integrated infrared or enjoy a soothing massage from Alfred or Barbara, both are perfectly trained and well skilled masseurs. Enjoy a warming bath in your apartment and have a glass of wonderfully cold mountain water.

Fill up your engines overnight in our harmonised bedrooms and wake up perfectly relaxed in the morning. With fresh handshaved swiss pine chips your sleep is being supported.

The summer evenings can be spent in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere on our terrace which is sheltered from wind and weather and lovely decorated with flowers and nice details. After an adventurous day we love to have a nice chat with you about your experiences in Leogang.

For your personal fitness we offer the following facilities in our house: a treadmill, an ergometer and a stepper as well as a gym room with mats for streching and relaxing.

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