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Massages - quality time for me

Let yourself be treated from head to toe - you earned it!

Come down to our massage room comfortably from your room or the sauna area and enjoy a very individual treatment. We are keen on only using pure natural products for our guests. Trust our experience as therapists, choose from the variety of our offers and let us know about your preferred appointment time. Bookings are possible per telephone at +43 (0)650/4243401, per e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply at the massage reception.

Massage for you:

  • Back/neck/shoulder massage - 25 min.

    € 34,-
  • Shoulder/neck/head massage - 25 min.

    € 34,-
  • Foot reflexology massage - 25 min.

    € 34,-
  • Full body treatment - 50 min.

    € 56,-
  • Sport massage - 50 min.

    € 58,-

Further special treatments:

  • Taping for minor injuries
  • Allergy treatments
  • Bioresonance with modern technique
  • Special therapy for pelvic obliquity
  • Tests on nutritional allergies
  • Finding causes for acute and chronic discomforts
  • Ear candles and body candles

In our programme we also use products of highest quality which contribute to your overall well-being: traditional healing herbs from Thailand, teas, cremes, basebaths, high quality juices, natural cosmetics, delicious fruit bars without sugar, pure essential oils, protection systems for water veins, terrestrial radiation and electro smog and much more ...

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