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Harmony - in symbiosis with nature

A noticable and special feeling of living - free of electrosmog

In order to make your holiday the most valuable time of the year, we decided to offer our guests a perfectly harmonic and healthy atmosphere. This is why we installed a protective system in our house - our apartment house in Leogang is fully harmonised from the numerous invisible negative impacts such as water veins, terrestrial radiation and electro smog. The climate is being polarised and the fine dust pollution in the apartments is being reduced by up to 75%, the air is simply cleaner!

We protect you effectively from rays of mobile communications, mobile phones, WIFI and other high frequency exposures. Further, we provide vitalised water in the entire house.

The technical progress demands its price, as our overall organism is fraught with electromagnetic fields. Numerous people suffer from insomnia, stress, chronic exhaustion and not being able to calm down. That's why it is very important to take time for recreation and real breaks for body, spirit and sould. Our protection system created a great living comfort that is being felt by our guests immediately. They report a seriously better sleep and notice the great water quality. The better sleep quality contribute to a higher vitalitiy and makes the stay joyful and unforgettable. Especially guests confronted to a high stress level or symptoms of burnout experience a great relief from their discomforts.

We are very proud of being able to offer you harmonised and protected apartments in Leogang. A perfect place for your personal recreation and relaxation. Back at home, you can still feel our sustainable environment. We would love to inform you about our protection systems so that you can make your very own surroundings at home a great place to live and increase your personal vitality and quality of living.

Invisible & yet incriminating!

Water veins, earth radiation, electrosmog are all vibrations that affect our lives, one more, the other less. But we are all affected by it! Especially electrosmog is increasing more and more in our society (even frighteningly!) No matter if you are on the road in your car, spend your day in the office or are looking for recreation in your living area, electrosmog permeates you everywhere. Our body energy is run down by these burdens and the regeneration of body, mind and soul is made more difficult. 

Electric and magnetic frequencies cause electric currents in living beings that can disturb the nervous system, which also functions electrically. Thus, electrically controlled regulations in the body can be sensitively disturbed. This means that permanent fatigue and also illness can then be the result. Today there are all-electric protection devices and also systems that work without electricity. Such systems emit various protective frequencies for the stabilization of the body's own electrical nerve functions, and they also suppress external electric fields, water veins, earth rays and earth-bound grids. All these stresses have a negative effect on people, but also on animals and plants.

More than 1,800 scientific studies on mobile communications alone prove this (source: Bioinitiative Report 2012).

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